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Want to enhance the quality of air inside your home or commercial space?

At Aircon 4 U, we offer high-quality heating and cooling systems, built to ensure your well-being and comfort. We have years of experience and have been successfully installing and maintaining the best heating and cooling in Melbourne. You can completely trust us for all your split system installation needs in Melbourne.

Split system air conditioner comprises of 2 main components one half of the system, the condenser is installed externally and the other half the fan coil is installed internally and this is why they are called split system air conditioners. When the split system is in cooling mode the warm air from inside the room is taken by the fan coil and removed resulting in cold air recirculating in the room and when used in reverse mode the system pumps out warm toasty air.


Split system air conditioners are designed to heat or cool the room they are installed in. Aircon 4 U supplies and installs split systems air conditioners that meet strict environmental and safety standards and run on ozone-safe non – flammable, non-toxic and highly efficient refrigerants. Split systems are ideal if you’re looking at heating or cooling a specific room or office space.


Inver technology is the key to constant comfort all year round as it maintains a constant temperature, saves on running cost by using less energy consumption and produces relatively less noise while operating. Split system air conditioners units come in a variety of models.


Multi-head split system allows multiple head unit to be connected to single out door condenser, these are great when limited outdoor space, and these systems also give you the comfort of having independent temperatures in different rooms.



Ceiling cassettes are cleverly designed so as they can be attached to the ceiling for greater flexibility when limited wall space. Ceiling cassettes are more commonly used in commercial applications but are also suitable for homes with limited wall space for wall-hung units.


A bulkhead system can be installed where a standard wall mount split system is not possible due to lack of wall space or if the ceilings are concrete. A bulkhead is quiet and suitable for any application

Split System Installation in Melbourne

The satisfaction of our clients is important to us and we strive to offer service of the highest standards. We are experts in what we do and possess the expertise to provide flawless installation. With our service, you can be sure that your heating and cooling systems are functioning at optimal efficiency. If you need Split System Installation in Melbourne, look no further. We have succeeded in earning the trust of our customers and you can be confident that we will not disappoint you. Call us today to know more.

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