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Add-on Cooling in Melbourne

If you are looking for a system to heat and cool your home or work place in Melbourne, gas ducted heating with add-on refrigerated cooling is the ideal system as it provides dual comfort in the form of refreshing refrigerated air during summer and warm toasty air during winter.

Aircon 4 U is Melbourne’s most trusted supplier of ducted heating and add-on cooling systems. We are authorised resellers of all leading brands including Fujitsu, Daikin, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, Braemar and more.

So if you are looking to buy a gas heating system with add-on cooling or if you are looking to add refrigerated cooling to your existing gas ducted heater, get in touch with us today for a free consultation anywhere in Melbourne.

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How Does Add-on Cooling Work?

Gas ducted heating Melbourne is the most desired way we choose to heat our homes; so add-on refrigerated cooling is the perfect solution. In heating mode, the heater blows warm air through the vents and in cooling mode, the condensing unit blows cold refrigerated air through the same vents.

Add-on cooling systems are designed to make use of the same grilles and ductwork as your ducted heating system. Add-on cooling offers you the best of both worlds. It integrates gas ducted heating with a refrigerated air conditioning system, which runs through the same set of ducts.

As the name suggests, add-on cooling is an additional system that’s integrated with your gas ducted heating system. A condensing unit is installed on the side of your property or on the roof.

Several pipes connect the condensing unit to a coil that’s connected to the gas heater and your ducting system. The coil will now distribute cool and warm air, across your home depending on which system you choose to use.

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Why Choose Add-on Air Conditioning?

• Flexibility – A great advantage of add-on refrigerated cooling is that you can install the ducted heating Melbourne and then install add-on cooling later. If you are thinking of installing add-on cooling at a later stage, it is advisable to discuss this with the consultant at the time of the consultation.

• Single Duct System – An add-on air conditioner is designed to make use of the same ducting system as the heater to provide a single system to provide all year-round comfort.

• Zoning – This system can also be zoned for individual comfort and reduced running costs. Most gas ducted heating manufacturers produce a system that are capable of sustaining different temperatures in different rooms/areas of your house or work place. This gives different users of the same house the benefit of having the temperature to their liking.

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